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Welcome to Gutes aus Gretes Garten

In a small village called Stierow in Mecklenburg, a good two hours' drive from Berlin, you will find my organic farm where I grow seeds and vegetables and live alongside sheep, chicken and horses.

The preservation of old species of crops and a farm-based and sustainable production has been a special concern of mine from the very beginning. Seeds that would otherwise be in the gene bank are cultivated, harvested and selected on the farm - this enables the crop varieties to be adapted to the climate and location.

We have a special focus on the cultivation of lettuce varieties, beans, peas, tomatoes and cereals (barley, winter wheat). In this way, we contribute directly to food security and biodiversity.

The farm functions as a whole, with complementary parts of the farm, which, for example, means that we can manage without buying in fertiliser because animals produce dung and they contribute to farming. In addition, we try to do the work by hand wherever possible.

In addition to the markets that we sell at you can also find our veggies on the plates of various Berlin chefs, such as Nobelhart & Schmutzig, Lode&Stijn, Remi, Otto, Tulus Lotrek, Mrs. Robinson’s and Pars Pralinen. We also supply different CSA(Community Supported Agriculture) groups in Berlin and Rostock.

our nursery in april 2022